2019 Spooky Brew Review

Spooky Brew returns again to Motor Row Brewing on Saturday October 26th, 2019!

Fire up those kettles! Plug in your BIAB! Dictate your recipe to your brewing robot! However and whatever you brew, mark your calendars to enter it into one of the oldest and longest running homebrew competitions: Spooky Brew!

Note: The actual homebrew competition event is open to judges and stewards only.

For full details, and to register as a competitor, judge, or steward, visit https://spooky.chibeer.org/

Spooky Brew Results

Scott Lasky captures Best of Show at the 2007 Spooky Brew Review Homebrew Competition.

Congratulations to Scott Lasky of BABBLE (Lake County, IL) for winning Best of Show at our 16th annual Spooky Brew Review homebrew competition. Scott’s English Barleywine was chosen first out of 187 entries across all beer, mead, and cider categories. CBS’s own George Westlund (American Amber Ale) and Doug Wich (American Stout) took second and third place BOS.

Other CBS winners were Tom Fitzpatrick and Nathan Dent (two ribbons) and Jeff Sparrow. Great going, guys! Rock Bottom Chicago was our gracious host this year. Thanks to the entrants, the judges and stewards, and our many sponsors. But special thanks to our competition organizer for 2007, Roger Deschner.

Well done, Rog. For the complete results, see the Official 2007 Spooky Brew Winners pages.