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How do I join CBS?

Signing up for a Chicago Beer Society is simple and easy. Membership runs for 12 months from the month of your initial sign up. The fee is $25 for individuals, $40 for couples. Save five dollars ($20/$35) each year when you renew. You must be of legal drinking age (21 or older) to join.
Members receive codes to purchase discounted tickets to all paid events. More importantly, they also get exclusive invitations to our most-popular events (the Brewpub Shootout, Bus Trip to the Great Taste of the Midwest, and our annual picnic), where tickets are now offered only to members. Tickets are indeed limited and membership doesn’t guarantee tickets.

Purchase a CBS membership using PayPal or a credit card (PayPal account not required). Select your membership type from the dropdown list below and click the Subscribe button. If you don’t have a PayPal account and just want to pay using a credit or debit card, you can still do this by clicking the “credit or debit card” link under the Login button after you click Subscribe. All members receive a membership card 1-2 months after signing up however your membership is in full effect the day you sign up and you will be emailed flyers for upcoming events along with the discount codes to purchase tickets.

By default this will set up a membership subscription that will automatically renew one year from your transaction date. Note that hitting the Subscribe button opens a new page to process the transaction. If you are having trouble signing up via Paypal or need other help, please Contact Us.

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How do I change my membership type or change my address?

Its important that we have the most current address on record to ensure that you receive invitations to all of our great events. Most of our events are members only and all of them have members only discounts. Ahead of each event we like to email out a flyer that not only announces the event but also includes a members only passcode that is required to get the members only ticket pricing.

To update your address or request a change in membership type (e.g. Individual to Couples) please Contact Us and include your full name, email address, and brief description of what you are looking to do. We will do our best to promptly respond to your inquiry however do note that we are a volunteer run organization and there might be some delays.

Gifting a membership

Love our events or does someone you love love our events? Give a year long membership to someone you love. Both Individual and Couple memberships are available. Couples can be any two people residing at the same address.

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How do I cancel a membership?

If you have signed up through paypal, canceling is easy. Just follow the below steps to stop automatic renewals.

  1. Log into with your paypal login information
  2. Once you are logged in at your account summary page, click the gear (in the upper right hand corner near Logout) to go to the account settings page
  3. Once that settings page loads, click Pre-approved Payments in the lower right hand side of the page (might have to scroll down).
  4. Find Chicago Beer Society in the list with a status of Active and click on it.
  5. Once the subscription information loads, you can click Cancel (right above the Shipping Address)
  6. If your membership just renewed and you would like a refund, please Contact Us and we can process your request.  Please include your name and transaction number. Note that Chicago Beer Society is 100% volunteer run by folks with day jobs but we will respond as soon as possible.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join CBS without automatic renewal

Yes! You can join Chicago Beer Society without automatically renewing however keep in mind that there is a discount ($5/yr) for renewing your membership as we want to show our appreciation for your continued membership and we don’t want you to miss out on great events because your membership lapsed. In addition, there is significantly less administrative overhead when your membership automatically renews which helps keeps membership fees low. These are some of the many reasons that nearly all of our members prefer to auto renew. If you still aren’t ready to commit to auto renewal, there are a couple of options:

  1. Follow these instructions to purchase a gift membership. This will get you a one year membership that does not autorenew
  2. Follow these instructions to cancel your existing membership after your initial payment has gone through. We suggest waiting a week prior to canceling. Your current year membership will remain intact.

If you are having any issues with canceling your account, or require any other membership help, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us