A great way to keep up on all of the region’s beer and brewing events is to subscribe to the CBS’ very own e-mail list. Topics must have something to do with Chicago Beer Society  (also referred to by its acronym CBS) and broader beer community events, homebrewing, or the beer world at large. Membership in the list is open to everyone, not just CBS members. Subscription is by application. Just send a blank e-mail to: listserv+subscribe@chibeer.org and the system will determine your address automatically from the “From:” line of your e-mail and subscribe you.

CBS Listserv FAQ last updated July 22nd, 2024

You are advised to save a copy of this note permanently on your computer. It contains valuable information about how this list works, what it is for, and how to get off should the time come that you are no longer interested.

The Chicago Beer Society E-Mail List is a Google Groups based “listserv”, which will redistribute anything you send it to the entire list. Membership in this list is open to members of the Chicago Beer Society, other Chicago-area homebrew clubs, and other interested parties.  Please note that traditional LISTSERV commands are not supported on this list.  The use of the term listserv is merely used for historical continuity purposes in a similar fashion as kleenex and is no way referring to a product of a similar name.

Here are some general guidelines for the Chicago Beer Society e-mail list:


The topic guidelines are anything to do with The Chicago Beer Society, or with homebrewing in the greater Chicago area. Notices of upcoming special events – CBS homebrewer events, events of other homebrew clubs in the area, homebrew contests, notable beer events, etc., are especially encouraged.  This list can also be used to source extra tickets or offer your spare tickets to CBS events to listserv members.

Please remember to use the “Subject:” line to succinctly describe the topic of your message.  Messages without a subject are strongly discouraged and might result in a reminder from the list maintainers.

This is not a moderated list, but “flaming” and other forms of discourteous behavior such as repeatedly posting the same message, posting messages that are off-topic, abusive, overly long and/or rambling, lewd, or worst of all political, will not be tolerated. We are not here to save the world, just to brew and share our collective enjoyment of .

Commercial announcements are allowed if specifically of interest to Chicago area homebrewers, and from a local source who is a member of the Chicago area craft beer community, such as local homebrew shops, breweries, craft beer bars, and distributors of craft beers however they should be notable to the Chicago Beer Society community.  Messages that, in the sole judgement of the list administrator(s), don’t meet this threshold will likely be warned but repeated postings can result in temporary or permanent loss of posting privileges.

The list server has been set to reject any posting containing an attachment. This is to prevent spreading harmful files to other members. Infected beer is bad enough without also having infected computers.

If at all possible, please disable those annoying disclaimers at the bottom of your messages when posting to the listserv. Also do *not* send out of office, vacation, or other types of auto reply messages to listserv@chibeer.org. Repeated violations can get result in loss of posting privileges.

If your mail provider decides that the CBS listserv is a spammer, it will be impossible for you to receive postings, and you may be unsubscribed. In that case it will be impossible to notify you of that. Generally, adding the listserv address to your contact list is sufficient to bypass most spam filtering.

Violators of these Terms Of Service may be unsubscribed.


Administrative Assistance:   https://chibeer.org/contact/
Posting address:          listserv@chibeer.org

Your subscription to the CBS listserv is ENTIRELY within your control. Sending requests such as SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE or other administrative type requests will likely end up in you being publicly shamed and directed to this page.


Subscription is generally available to anyone within the greater land Chicago area who shares a passion for good beer and is accepting of these terms.

Before you attempt to subscribe, you should add listserv@chibeer.org to your contacts list to ensure messages.

To subscribe, send a blank email to listserv+subscribe@chibeer.org and your sending address will now be subscribed.


To post to the list, you must already be subscribed. To post, send e-mail to the posting address above, and it will be redistributed.


DO NOT FLAG ANY CBS-HB LIST POSTING AS SPAM EVEN IF YOU THINK IT IS! This will impact all future messages other subscribers will send! Admins regularly monitor the listserv and will deal with any inappropriate messages including deregistration and/or blocking of the offenders.

To unsubscribe send a blank email to listserv+unsubscribe@chibeer.org and your sending address will be unsubscribed.

If you wish to unsubscribe, and you post a message to the whole list asking to be removed or have your digest settings changed, be forewarned that you will be deluged with hate-mail for neglecting to save and follow these instructions! This is a social phenomenon common to most email lists, so save this note permanently on your computer or bookmark it!

Changing Your Email Address

To change your e-mail address, you should unsubscribe from your old address, and resubscribe using your new address.

Beware that if your email address changes, and your old address is forwarded to your new address, you will be unable to post messages to the list, even though you are still receiving it. Therefore you should change your subscription address whenever your email address changes, rather than allowing forwarding to occur. Address changes and forwarding issues are the most common reason people need to contact the List Maintainer for help, below.

Receiving CBS listserv Messages as a Digest

If the volume of postings becomes inconvenient for you to handle, you can change your settings to receive a daily digest. Your subscribed email MUST be associated with a Google account for this to work. List administrators have NO ability to adjust any settings on your behalf. Please see this page for more information on how you can adjust this yourself. https://support.google.com/groups/answer/9792489

Some people find it handy to set digest mode when they go on vacation, and then unset it when they return.

If you have issues that are not addressed via this page, please contact us.  Please note that we are unable to provide general tech support.  The vast majority of questions that we have the ability to answer should be answered on this page.  If you don’t see your question answered here, likely its something we won’t be able to assist with anyways.

Please note that this mailing list, also referred to by the term “listserv” is provided for the benefit of the community.  While CBS manages the membership and administrative settings of the group, Chicago Beer Society is not responsible for the contents of messages sent to the group.  All content, including attachments of any kind, code, scripts, images, statements, ideas, claims, headers or payloads of any kind posted to the list or directly to any member of the list are the responsibility of the sender.