The results are in from the latest food, beer, and fun-filled picnic that was attended by another record crowd. Here is the rundown on total entries:

Salsa: 34
Chili: 23
Ribs: 10
Other Meat: 13
Dessert: 26

The Winners:

Ribs – Popular Vote
1. BBQ-tioners (#6)
1. Bogyo’s Mojo (#7)
3. Pigsiclicious (#2)

Ribs – Blind Judging
1. BBQ-tioners (#6)
2. Zemo Holat (#9)
3. Dan Luksetich (#8)

Chili – Popular Vote
1. Thomas Griffin (#12)
2. Dmitry Shub (#15)
3. Jason Arrigo (#6)

Other Meats – Popular Vote
1. Fish Team (#52)
2. Pigsiclicious (#51)
3. Planet Tim (Norris) (#56)

Salsa – Popular Vote
1. Linda Maher (#24)
2. Bryan Welsh (#7)
3. Dori Kaminski (#21)

Dessert – Popular Vote
1. John Warnik (#3)
2. Livia Glatz (#13)
3. Lowell Defrance (#19)

Thanks to all who prepared food, donated beer, set up, broke down, and cleaned beer taps and lines, schlepped kegs and/or soft goods, coordinated the competitions, DJ’d, checked in members and guests, and did whatever else was necessary to pull off such a major undertaking. Above all, we thank all our members and guests for taking part in one of the best beer and food events in the region.

We know we can always improve our events and thank everyone who has taken the time to offer suggestions here, on the listserv, and in emails. You can be certain that the Board will address your concerns and ideas to assure that the CBS Picnic remains a great time for all who attend.

Congrats once again to the winners! See you next year.