Perfect weather brought out a record crowd (approximately 470 wristbands were distributed) to LaBagh Woods for our umpteenth annual picnic. Suitably we offered 15 beers and 1 cider, all of which were completely drained by 6 pm. The list, in alphabetical order:

Attendees voted in the featured food competitions and the winners were awarded attractive trophies. We also had separate blind judging for chili and ribs and awarded 1st place trophies to the champs. There were 8 rib competitors this year, 20 chilis, 24 salsas, and plenty of desserts (I don’t have the official count, sorry!).

The Winners:

Ribs – Popular Vote
1. Tim Norris
2. Pigsiclicious
3. Randy Mosher
4. Todd Boza

Ribs – Blind Judging
1. Todd Boza
2. Pigsiclicious
3. Rich Larson
4. Howard Miller

Chili – Popular Vote
1. Thomas Griffin
2. Rodney Kibzey
3. Adam Murphy
4. Dmitry Shub

Chili – Blind Judging
1. Thomas Griffin
2. Jean O’Malley
3. Dan Lehnerer
4. Robert Watts

Salsa – Popular Vote
1. Ed Seaman
2. Jennifer Proesel
3. Brian Bernard
4. Tom Stetter

Dessert – Popular Vote
1. Lowell Defrance
2. Livia Glatz
3. John Warnik
4. Adam Murphy

Many thanks to our friends for their generosity: Laura Blasingame (Map Room), Kevin Blodger (Gordon Biersch), Greg Browne (Mickey Finn’s), Pete Crowley (Rock Bottom Chicago), Matt Gallagher (Half Acre), Doug & Tracy Hurst (Metropolitan), Patrick Karnick (Woodchuck), Russ Klisch (Lakefront Brewing),
Harry Mihailidis (New Belgium), Wil Turner (Goose Island Clybourn), and Rogue Brewing.

With tremendous weather, record-breaking crowds, and tons of great food (and just enough beer) the 2009 CBS picnic may have been our greatest ever. Thanks to everyone – members and nonmembers – who made it such an excellent day.