2011 Spooky Brew Review Homebrew Competition

October 29, 2011
9:00 amto5:00 pm

The Chicago Beer Society Spooky Brew Review homebrew competition is now celebrating its 20th year!

Our host this year will be the Haymarket Pub & Brewery at 737 W Randolph Street (SE corner of Randolph and Halsted) in Chicago, conveniently located in the West Loop where all roads, trains, and buses converge.

As usual, SBR will feature judging in all categories of the BJCP Style Guidelines. But a highlight is always the judging of the special Spooky (scariest) and Smashed Pumpkin (Worst of Show) categories, which definitely should not be missed. And for the fifth year in a row, we’ll also include Witches’ Brew, an open category for beer, mead, and cider brewed only by women.

NOTE: All entries for the Spooky and Smashed Pumpkin categories must be drinkable. Anything deemed otherwise by the Competition Committee will be DISQUALIFIED, and that’s very hard to do.

So, please plan on entering, judging, or stewarding Spooky Brew Review 2011. After 20 years it’s still here and we’re damn proud of it!

The competition package (including rules & regulations, entry forms, bottle labels, and a style chart) is now available for download here in PDF format. The entry fee is $7 per standard entry (2 bottles) and $2 for Witches’ Brew, Spooky Brew, and Smashed Pumpkin (1 bottle). Entries with fees can be dropped off from October 10-21 at HaymarketThe Brewer’s Coop in Warrenville, Brew and Grow on Kedzie (Chicago), and The Homebrew Shop in St. Charles, the regular CBS First Thursday gathering on October 6 at Goose Island Clybourn, or the UKG Picnic on October 8.

Judges and Stewards – we need you! If you are interesting in serving as a judge or steward on October 29, please contact competition organizer Matt Mayes (matt @ chibeer.org). All general questions can also be directed to him or co-organizer Meghan Rutledge (meghan @ chibeer.org).

We look forward to seeing you at Haymarket on October 29.

The Spooky Brew Review winners list is now available here.

19 thoughts on “2011 Spooky Brew Review Homebrew Competition

  1. Stevie Post author

    A reminder: this is a homebrew competition, not a public event. Only those who have signed up to judge or steward will be admitted during most of the day. Entrants who are not also judging or stewarding will be welcome for the presentation of awards, which is usually around 4 pm.

    Judges and stewards will be notified directly via email by the event organizers.

  2. Andrew

    are the awards verbally announced around 4pm or will it simply be a printed/written list of winners on display that evening? i’d like to stop by once judging is complete, but curious if i should aim to arrive around 4, or if i can leisurely stroll in that evening and see a list.


  3. Stevie Post author

    Awards are announced verbally ~ 4 pm. There may or may not also be a printed list of winners available. It’s more common for the results to be posted on the listserv and the website the following day.

  4. Stevie Post author

    All entrants will receive judge forms in the mail. If you won and were not present to pick up your ribbon and other prizes, those will also be shipped to you.

  5. Patrick

    Awesome!! Thanks for the fast reply. This was the first time I’ve had enough confidence to throw my hat into the ring and I actually won a bronze. To me (a simple guy not knowing the contest process from beginning to end) everyone I had e-mailed and spoken to during this contest was very helpful and everything seemed very well organized. You should all be proud of your efforts. It was fun just entering and anticipating, let alone actually winning. Thanks again!!

  6. Jeff

    I’m also quite anxious to see my score sheet comments. First time entering a contest and I’m really curious how I did.

  7. Stevie Post author

    We don’t do full scoresheets for the “special” categories – Spooky, Smashed Pumpkin, and Witches’ – as they are meant to be fun additions to the comp. They are done using the mini Best-of-Show format, which certainly applies to the Witches’ category. For Smashed, it’s definitely a Worst-of-Show format!

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