This Fall Tasting will be the 40th Fall Tasting and one of the oldest and longest continuously running beer event in the country! As such, we are pulling out all the stops to put on a very special tasting that you will not want to miss. The Fall Tasting allows the public to participate in a blind tasting of craft beers and then vote for their favorites. This will be a blind tasting to allow you to judge the specially procured beers strictly on their own merit. When the formal tasting ends, all the beers will be available for your enjoyment.

Location: Berghoff Cafe
Date: November 5th, 2016
Time: 6pm – 9pm


Champion Beer (1st): Pilsner Urquel Nefiltrovaný (Unfiltered, flown fresh from Czech Republic)
Most Favorite Beer (2nd): Goose Island Pub Big Lazy Joe
Favorite Beer (3rd): Off Color Apex Predator

All Beers

1 Pilsner Urquell Unfiltered Pils Urquell 4.4% Czech Pils – Winner of 1978 Fall Tasting (International)
2 Heineken Heineken 5.4% Euro Lager – Winner of 1977 Fall Tasting (International)
3  Not entered  -NA-  -NA-  -NA-
4 Flossmoor Oktobertrain 6% Marzen –
Flossmoor has won the following:
1999 – Tripel
2001 – Imperial Elipse Stout
2006 – Imperial Mocha Stout
5 Goose Island Pub Big Lazy Joe 11.5% Imperial Brown Ale  –
Goose Island has won the following:
1995 – Old Aberration Barleywine
1997 – Russian Imperial Stout
2002 – Autumn Bitter
2014 – Cran Bruin
2015 – Wheatwine on Wood
6 Evil Horse Charging Bull 7% Weizenbock
7 Bells Best Brown 5.8% American Brown Ale – (Winner of 1998 Fall Tasting w/Two Hearted)
8 Cruz Blanca Marigold 8.7% Belgian Strong Ale
9 Ploughshare Soddie Robust Rye Porter 6.6% Rye Porter
10 Off Color Apex Predator 6.5% Farmhouse Ale
11 Forbidden Root Fig Dubbel 7.1% Dubbel
12 5 Rabbit 5 Grass 6.4% Hoppy Ale with Juniper, Two Kinds of Sage, Rosemary, and Tasmanian Pepperberry
13 Lakefront Latif 10.4% Double Chocolate Stout
14 Berghoff Oktoberfest 5.5% Marzen
15 Church Street Shony Scottish Ale 5.1% Scottish Ale
16 Dovetail Grodziskie 6% Grodziskie