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2016 Day of the Living Ales (Recap)

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Day of the Living Ales. Forty-six cask ales were sampled by attendees over 2 sessions. Attendees voted on their top three favorite beers. Once the votes were tallied, awards were announced for the top two beers over 6% ABV and the top two beers at or under 6% ABV. In addition, the beer that best exemplified a cask beer based on condition, clarity, and quality as determined by the cellar staff was awarded the Golden Tut.

Day of the Living Ales

This years winners:
Golden Tut: #11 Goose Island Brewpub – Curbside English Bitter

Low Gravity Winner: #29 Off Color – IKEA Beer
Low Gravity Runner-up: #30 Off Color – Wari: Chicha de Mole

High Gravity Winner: #17 Half Acre – Big Hugs
High Gravity Runner-up: #43 Temperance – Might Meets Right Russian Imperial Stout

More details about the event can be found here:

Be sure to check out the pictures on Instagram (@ChicagoBeerSociety) and Facebook

2016 Brewpub Shootout Results (Recap)

Results for the 2016 Brewpub and Microbrewery Shootout

Favorite Beer

  1. #8 Revolution
  2. #6 Off Color
  3. #10 Three Floyds

Favorite Food

  1. #10 Three Floyds
  2. #5 Haymarket Pub and Brewery
  3. #9 Rock Bottom Restaurants and Breweries

Favorite Pairing

  1. #5 Haymarket Pub and Brewery
  2. #10 Three Floyds
  3. #6 Off Color

2015 Fall Tasting Results (Recap)

On December 6th, 2015 we were hosted again at Kiser Tiger where approximately 75 people were presented with 14 wonderful and special beers.

These 14 beers were presented in a walk-around blind tasting where attendees were not aware of the brewery or name of the beer. Crib sheets with Style and ABV were made available upon request. All beers presented were truly great and many folks had to make some tough decisions. At 3PM ballots were collected and the below winners were announced.

  1. Goose Island Clybourn Brewery Wheatwine on Wood – Wheatwine aged for 10 months in Woodford Reserve Barrels. (11.5% ABV)
  2. Firestone Walker Brewing Company Union Jack – IPA double dry­ hopped with bold grapefruit, tangerine and citrus flavors. (7.5% ABV)
  3. Ploughshare Brewing Co Coal Train – Baltic Porter (lager) with aromas of chocolate, coffee, caramel, and plums. (8.8% ABV)

The following is the list of beers as presented. Thank you to all the brewers and breweries that presented their beer for this years tasting!

1 Revolution Brewing Fist City 5.50% American Pale Ale brewed with 2 row, red wheat and a little specialty malt.
2 3rd Ploughshare Brewing Co. Coal Train 8.80% Baltic Porter (lager) with aromas of chocolate, coffee, caramel, and plums.
3 Penrose Brewing Company Deminimus Festivál 4.30% Session Sour Brown Ale with sweet raisin and plum malt character balanced by subtly sharp cranberry, cinnamon and bright orange zest.
4 Aquanaut Brewing Company MoonRay 6.00% London Porter, smooth and creamy with a hint of roasted coffee.
5 2nd Firestone Walker Brewing Company Union Jack 7.50% IPA double dry­ hopped with bold grapefruit, tangerine and citrus flavors.
6 1st Goose Island Brewpub Wheatwine on Wood 11.50% Wheatwine aged for 10 months in Woodford Reserve Barrels.
7 Blue Island Beer Company Hard Luck IPA 6.30% American IPA with flavors and aromas of tropical fruits, citrus, and pine.
8 New Oberpfalz Brewing Russian Imperial Stout 9.20% Russian Imperial Stout with a deep malt body and a silky, smooth finish.
9 Off Color Brewing Le Woof 7.30% Bière de Garde, sweet but strong, brewed with Munich and Vienna malts.
10 Solemn Oath Brewery The Telegraph 9.50% Bourbon Barrel Aged Scotch Ale with chewy malt complexity of caramel, dried fruit and nuts.
11 Goose Island Fulton Real Nice Surprise 7.00% Porter laced with lactose and finished in whiskey, rum, and brandy barrels.
12 Half Acre Beer Company Goneaway IPA 7.00% IPA, shooting straight for a bitter edge before falling into a mellow haze.
13 Goose Island Fulton Fassinator 8.00% Blonde Doppelbock crafted by our own Brian Turner. Golden, crystal clear and malty with a slight bitterness in the finish.
14 Forbidden Root Bourbon Barrel Aged Heavy Petal 10% Bourbon Barrel aged 9 months, Imperial Stout with pecans, magnolia flowers and chocolate.

2015 Day of The Living Ales Recap

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Day of the Living Ales. Forty-seven cask ales were sampled by attendees over 2 sessions. Attendees voted on their top three favorite beers. Once the votes were tallied, awards were announced for the top two beers over 6% ABV and the top two beers at or under 6% ABV. In addition, the beer that best exemplified a cask beer based on condition, clarity, and quality as determined by the event’s cellar staff was awarded the Golden Tut.

Over 6%

6% and Under

Golden Tut Award

Many thanks to our hosts at Bottom Lounge, the breweries who provided beers, and the volunteers who helped with setup, serving, and clean up.

Until next year. Cheers!

2015 Brewpub Shootout (Recap)

Chicago Beer Society’s Seventeenth Annual Brewpub & Microbrewery Shootout at Zhou B Art Center is in the books, but the memories of delicious dishes and astounding ales linger on…A huge thanks to the participants and everyone who attended (and didn’t have to battle snow, for a change!).

Here are the winners:

Favorite Beer – Revolution
Favorite Beer – Goose Island
Champion Beer – Off Color

Favorite Food – BrickStone
Favorite Food – Revolution
Champion Food – Three Floyds

Favorite Beer & Food Pairing – 5 Rabbit
Favorite Beer & Food Pairing – Three Floyds
Champion Beer & Food Pairing – Flossmoor Station

Here are participant and menu details:

5 Rabbit Cerveceria – Bedford Park IL
Brewers: John J, Hall (Brewmaster), Nate Chesser, Raul Heredia, Adam Stull, Mike Witkowski
Chefs: Team 5 Rabbit
Pairing Beer: 5 Grass Hoppy Ale with Juniper, Sage, White Sage, Rosemary and Tasmanian Pepperberry
Food Pairing: Tortas Ahogadas: “Drowned” sandwiches with slow- smoked pork shoulder in 5 Grass adobo seasoning on bolillo buns and salsa rojo, garnished with habañero-pickled onions and queso fresco.
Bonus Beers: 5 Vulture Oaxacan-Style Dark Ale with Fresh-Roasted Ancho and Mulato Chiles; Arroz Con Leche Imperial Rice Ale with Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cloves, Almonds and Sweetened Condensed Milk

BrickStone Restaurant & Brewery – Bourbonnais IL
Brewers: BrickStone brewers
Chef: Chef Dino G.
Pairing Beer: Dark Secret Russian Imperial Stout aged with Dark Matter Coffee
Food Pairing: Dark Secret Coffee Braised Short Ribs with Creamy Polenta
Bonus Beer: HopSkipNImDrunk Double APA; BrickStone APA

DryHop Brewers – Chicago IL
Brewer: Brant Dubovick
Chef: Joel Pillar
Pairing Beer: Feeling That Surrounds Belgian Stout – This year’s winter stout was brewed with our house Belgian yeast strain, candy sugar,and orange peel, which impart notes of bubblegum, orange, and raisin to meld with the classic stout flavors of espresso and chocolate.
Food Pairing: Banana Bread Pudding – Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Marshmallow Crème
Bonus Beers: Shark Meets Hipster Wheat IPA – Light bodied American Wheat Ale featuring truckloads of Galaxy hops. Expect strong notes of passion fruit.

Flossmoor Station Brewery & Restaurant – Flossmoor IL
Brewers: Tom Nelson & Ryan Czaja
Chef: Edwardo Camerana
Pairing Beer: Shadow of the Moon Imperial Stout
Food Pairing: Chocolate Silk Tart – chocolate crust, SotM Imp Stout silk filling, ancho pepper chocolate liquor ganache, whipped cream, crushed pretzel
Bonus Beer: Barrel Aged Pullman Reserve

Goose Island Brewpub – Chicago IL
Brewers: Jacob Sembrano, Jon Naghski
Chef: Brad Sewell
Pairing Beer: Bourbon Barrel Aged Quad
Food Pairing: Golden Raisin Baklava, Duck Confit, Blackberry Shallot Syrup, Pistachios
Bonus Beer: Lincoln Park Lager – American Amber Lager

Haymarket Pub & Brewery – Chicago IL
Brewers: Peter Crowley
Chefs: Christopher McCoy
Pairing Beer: Lucy’s Belgian Tripel with grapefruit
Food Pairing: Savory grits, braised pork belly, with fried pig ear and grapefruit slaw
Bonus Beers: Mathias Imperial IPA

Off Color Brewing / Northdown Café & Taproom – Chicago IL
Brewers: John Laffler, Dave Bleitner
Chefs: NDC’s finest!
Pairing Beer: Spots – Berliner-style weiss infused with tropical fruits & jaguar pelts
Food Pairing: Jerk Wings marinated and sauced with Pineapple-infused Off Color Fierce; Hellfire Hot Wings marinated and sauced with Off Color Coffee Dinos’mores; Beer battered and fried Off Color you Never Take Me Anywhere Nice fried pickles.
Bonus Beer: Tooth and Claw Pilsner

Revolution Brewing LLC – Chicago IL
Brewers: Wil Turner
Chef: Charlie Eure
Pairing Beer: Civil Disobedience IPA
Food Pairing: Lambwich – Aged beef and lamb pate, naan bread, kumquat tzatziki, beef fat fries, Calabrian pepper & tomato relish
Bonus Beers: Straight Jacket – Bourbon barrel aged barleywine

Rock Bottom Restaurants & Breweries – Chicago, Lombard, Orland Park, Warrenville IL
Brewers: Hayley Shine, Ray Gonzalez, Jason Cook, Todd Britt, Jim Wolfer, Iain Wilson
Chefs: Pawel Marszalek, Shawn Murphy, Scott Rainman
Pairing Beer: The Mutiny – A big hop forward beer with pineapple and citrus notes that refuses to take orders from anyone (RB-C)
Food Pairing: Chicken and Waffles – Beer braised chicken thigh wrapped in brown sugar pepper bacon and served on top of corn bread waffle with maple beer glaze
Bonus Beers: Double Down IPA (RB-L); Lumpy Dog Brown (RB-W); Blitzen Belgian Tripel (RB-OP)

Rude Hippo Brewing – Chicago IL
Brewers: Karl Rutherford, Marilee Rutherford, Ian Denson
Chef: Won Kim
Pairing Beer: Beeting Heart – Ale Brewed with Beets – Roasted beets mingle gently with a citrusy, fresh ale in this gorgeous pink beer. Normal? No. Awesome? Absolutely.
Food Pairing: “Stew of Hearts” – Beef heart stew, Parmesan crisp crumbles, quick pickled beets, micro kale.
Bonus Beers: The Bee’s Sleaze – Honey Steam Ale – A big dose of honey gives a little bit of sass to a standard steam ale. This is a beer that plays well with others. Balanced, refreshing and fun; Wooden Nickel – IPA Aged on Oak – Surprisingly refreshing, this easy-drinking IPA is just the thing for folks hankering for a belly-up at the bar. Aged on fresh oak, our Wooden Nickel IPA is sure to have you asking for another round.

Three Floyds Brewing Co – Munster IN
Brewers: Three Floyds Brewing Team
Chefs: Pat Niebling, Scout Hughes
Pairing Beer: Alpha King
Food Pairing: Smoked beef rib, blue cheese grits, Thai chili hot sauce, sauerkraut puree, beef jus
Bonus Beer: Permanent Funeral

Two Brothers Brewing Co & Roundhouse – Warrenville & Aurora IL
Brewers: Jeremy Bogan and Brenden McGrath
Chef: John Schiver
Pairing Beer: Wobble IPA
Food Pairing: Spiced donut holes with peach ginger dipping sauce

2014 Brewpub Shootout Results

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves at this year’s Shootout. Without a doubt, the brewpubs and breweries really outshone themselves with their fantastic beer and food offerings. The winners are listed below.
Chicago Beer Society
BPSO Organizers


3 – Gringolandia Super Pils – 5 Rabbit Cerveceria – Bedford Park IL —
2 – Permanent Funeral  – Three Floyds Brewing Co – Munster IN —
1 – Dinos’mores – Off Color Brewing  – Chicago IL —


3 – Three Floyds Brewing Co – Munster IN — Grilled beef bulgogi, wasabi mousse, bibb lettuce, cucumber, cilantro, candied sesame seeds
2 – DryHop Brewers – Chicago IL — Bubba & Babe Sliders: House-made Gulf Shrimp & Pork Sausage, Roasted Pineapple, Potstickers, & Mango-Habenero Mustard
1 – Rock Bottom Restaurants & Breweries – Chicago, Lombard, Orland Park, Warrenville IL — TOT ROAST!: Beer-braised chuck roast served over parsnip tots, topped with ancho chile cream sauce, pepper relish and a Mexican crema drizzle.

Beer & Food Pairing

T2 – Revolution Brewing LLC-  Chicago IL —
Pairing Beer: Willie Wee Heavy
Food Pairing: 48 hr sous vide short rib, Willie braised shallot, Urban Till rocket, Chicago Smoke and plum demi-glace
T2 – Rock Bottom Restaurants & Breweries – Chicago, Lombard, Orland Park, Warrenville IL —
Pairing Beer: Barrel-Aged Happy Camper: Smoked Porter aged in a Woodford Reserve barrel
Food Pairing: TOT ROAST!: Beer-braised chuck roast served over parsnip tots, topped with ancho chile cream sauce, pepper relish and a Mexican crema drizzle.
1 – Three Floyds Brewing Co – Munster IN —
Pairing Beer: Permanent Funeral
Food Pairing: Grilled beef bulgogi, wasabi mousse, bibb lettuce, cucumber, cilantro, candied sesame seeds

First Thursday Hop Growing

Special Thanks to John Beystehner from Brew & Grow
For coming in to First Thursday and teaching us about hop growing.

Go to your local Brew & Grow to get everything you need to start growing hops today!

HERE are the notes from John on hop growing.

The best hop varieties he currently has here in the Chicago area and suggest growing are:

Brewers Gold

2013 Day and Night of the Living Ales Recap

Here are the winners from this years Day and Night of the Living Ales.

Golden Tut – The Cellarmen’s Award:
#20 Metropolitan Brewing Co. – Zwickel Flywheel
Third Place:
#13 Half Acre Beer Co. – Baume’ Chocolate Rye Stout conditioned with Rum-soaked Raisins
Second Place:
#9 Goose Island Beer Co. – Bourbon County Stout Rye with Coconut
Champion Beer of Chicagoland:
#30 Revolution Brewing – Chile-Vanilli Eugene Porter with Guajillo Pepper and Vanilla Beans
Thanks to everyone including the breweries for making this event another success.
Here is the complete beer list for this years event:
5 Rabbit Cerveceria – Bedford Park IL  5rabbit
1. Huitzi Belgian Strong Golden Ale with Amazonian Honey and Roman Chamomile
Atlas Brewing Co. – Chicago IL
2. Demeter Belgian Wheat, dry hopped
Destihl Gastropubs & Brewery – Champaign/Normal IL
3. Altercation Sticke Alt with Cacao Nibs 
4. Belgian Tripel with Hibiscus and Honey 
Finch’s Beer Co. – Chicago IL
5. Stout with Molasses and Candied Ginger
Goose Island Beer Co. – Chicago IL
6. ‘7272’ Green Line Pale Ale [experimental hop variety]
7. Bourbon Barrel Saison with Cherries
8. Bourbon County Stout Rye
9. Bourbon County Stout Rye with Coconut
10. Juliet
Goose Island Brewpubs – Clybourn/Wrigleyville
11. Smoked Porter
12. Workhorse Double IPA
Half Acre Beer Co. – Chicago IL
13. Baume’ Chocolate Rye Stout conditioned with Rum-soaked Raisins
14. Space India Pale Ale conditioned with Centennial & Citra Hops 
Haymarket Pub & Brewery – Chicago IL
15. Degan Imperial IPA with Simcoe
Lagunitas Brewing Co. – Petaluma CA
16. Sucks, dry hopped with Mosaic
Lakefront Brewery, Inc. – Milwaukee WI
17. My Turn Chad Organic Barley Wine 
18. Oaked 25th Anniversary Imperial Stout
Metropolitan Brewing Co. – Chicago IL
19. Diablo Dynamo 
20. Zwickel Flywheel 
Mickey Finn’s Brewery – Libertyville IL
21. Irish Red Ale
22. Karl’s Pale Ale 
23. Old Trafford Mild 
24. Red Menace Imperial Red 
Moylan’s Brewery & Restaurant – Novato CA
25. Danny’s Irish Red
26. Hop Craic XXXXIPA 
New Belgium Brewing Co. – Fort Collins CO
27. Rampant IPA
28. Trippel
Onion Pub & Brewery – Lake Barrington IL
29. Blonde Ale, dry hopped with Chinook 
Revolution Brewing – Chicago IL
30. Chile-Vanilli Eugene Porter with Guajillo Pepper and Vanilla Beans
31. Samadhi Imperial IPA
Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery – Chicago IL
32. Rock Bottom Red Ale, dry hopped with Indie Crystal
Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery – Lombard IL
33. Belgian White Ale with zest of Lemon, Lime, Orange, Mint, Rosehips, Lavender, Juniper & Fennel
Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery – Orland Park IL
34. Dominator IPA
35. King of Hearts Imperial Red 
Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery – Warrenville IL
36. Cult of Skaro American Pale Ale, dry hopped with Zythos Simcoe
37. Proud Stout Dry Irish Stout
Saugatuck Brewing Co. – Douglas MI
38. ESB Amber with Cocoa Nibs
39. Pathfinder Pale Ale with 302 Mosaic
Solemn Oath Brewery – Naperville IL
40. Chubgutz ESB
Three Floyds Brewery & Pub – Munster IN
41. Alpha King, double dry hopped
42. Brian Boru
Tighthead Brewing Co. – Mundelein IL
43. Irie IPA
44. Scarlet Fire Red Ale
Two Brothers Brewing Co. – Warrenville IL
45. Outlaw IPA



2013 Brewpub Shootout Recap

2013 Winners!!!


1. BrickStone Restaurant & Brewery – Bourbannais IL
2. Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery – Chicago, Lombard, Orland Park, Warrenville IL
3. Goose Island Brewpub – Chicago IL
1. Three Floyds Brewing – Munster IN
2. Haymarket Pub & Brewery – Chicago IL
3. Revolution Brewing – Chicago IL
Beer & Food Pairing
1. Revolution Brewing – Chicago IL
2. Three Floyds Brewing – Munster IN
3. Haymarket Pub & Brewery – Chicago IL


MENU for the
January 19, 2013 at Zhou B Art Center


1. 5 Rabbit Cerveceria – Bedford Park, IL
Brewer: John J. Hall
Beer Pairing: Ki’ Chun end-of-days beer with chanterelle mushrooms
Chef: Randy Mosher
Food Pairing: Savory triple-crème cheesecake with pumpkinseed-pretzel crust andan apricot-guava-balsamic sauce with Peruvian aji panca chiles.
Bonus Beers: 5 Rabbit Golden Ale, 5 Lizard Passionfruit Latin Witbier, 5 Grass Hoppy Ale


2. Blue Cat Brew Pub – Rock Island, ILBrewer: Dan Cleaveland
Beer Pairing: Abbey…Something
Chef: Martha Cleaveland
Food Pairing: Cream of Brie Soup with Cremini Mushrooms
Bonus Beer: Big Bad Dog Old English Ale


3. BrickStone Restaurant & Brewery – Bourbonnais, IL
Brewers: Tom Vasilakis & George Giannakopoulos
Beer Pairing: BrickStone American Pale Ale
Chef: Dino Giannakopoulos
Food Pairing: Herb-Crusted Scallop & Avocado Puree on Corn Bread Pudding
Bonus Beers: Rye Pale Ale, Oatmeal Stout


4. Flossmoor Station Restaurant & Brewing – Flossmoor, IL
Brewers: Nick Barron, Bjorn Johnson, Bill Savage
Beer Pairing: Barrel-aged Smoked Porter
Chef: Eduardo Camerena
Food Pairing: Chocolate Torte stacked with creamy, decadent silk layers and topped with Smoked Porter glaze
Bonus Beer: Iron Horse American Stout


5. Goose Island Brewpub – Chicago, IL
Brewer: Jared Rouben
Beer Pairing: Elijah Barrel-aged Doppelbock
Chef: Andrew Hroza
Food Pairing: Duck Pastrami with a Brussel Sprout Sauerkraut
Bonus Beer: Loud and Thirsty Dortmunder


6. Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant – Bolingbrook, IL
Brewer: John Wyzkiewicz
Beer Pairing: Barrel-aged Winterbock
Chef: Simon Sulaica III
Food Pairing: Limoncello Bread PuddingBonus Beer: Winterbock


7. Half Acre Beer Company – Chicago, IL
Brewer: Matt Gallagher
Beer Pairing: Double Daisy Cutter
Chef: Michael Carroll
Food Pairing: Bacon Rice Crispies and Creme Fraiche
Bonus Beers: Bones & All Belgian Brown, Space IPA


8. Haymarket Pub & Brewery – Chicago, IL
Brewers: Peter Crowley, Steve Mosqueda, David Kerns
Beer Pairing: Belgian farmhouse ale brewed with real cranberries
Chef: Christopher McCoyFood Pairing: House-cured bacon, micro greens, frisee, cranberries, Capriole goat chevre, grilled corn, saison-inundated barley, pickled cauliflower, charred broccolini & dry hopped cranberry Saison vinaigrette on our chicharrones
Bonus Beer: Über Mathias imperial American IPA (with a hint of Citra…)


9. Lunar Brewing – Villa Park, IL
Brewers: James O’Brien, Charlie Tierney
Beer Pairing: Kosmic Kolsch
Chefs: Charlie Tierney, Paul Farrington, Chuck Wagner
Food Pairing: Cocktail Sausages in: Carlyle/Lunar Chili Porter BB-Q Sauce or Lunar Baltic Porter BB-Q Sauce
Bonus Beer: Lunar Moondance IPA


10. Revolution Brewing – Chicago, IL
Brewer: Wil Turner
Beer Pairing: Coffee Eugene robust porter brewed with Dark Matter coffee
Chef: Courtney Baldy
Food Pairing: Spicy Mocha Sundae W/ Guajillo ice cream and porter sprinkles
Bonus Beers: Ivan’s ESB, RISE American Stout


11. Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery – Chicago, Lombard,Orland Park, Warrenville, IL
Brewers: Hayley Shine, Iain Wilson, Jim Wolfer, Todd Britt
Beer Pairing: Days of Olde old ale
Chef: Dustin Green
Food Pairing: Asian BBQ Braised Pork Belly Slider with Cucumber/Daikon Slaw and WonTon Chips
Bonus Beers: Double Down IPA, Victory Porter, Fallen Angel Abbey Dubbel


12. Three Floyds Brewing – Munster, IN
Brewers: Nick Floyd, Chris Boggus, Andrew Mason, Barnaby Struve
Beer Pairing: 2009 Vanilla Bean Dark Lord
Chefs: Pat Niebling, Scout Hughes
Food Pairing: Pan fried Pound Cake, Dark Lord Ice Cream, hopped Crème Anglaise, Candied Bacon and wheat grain.
Bonus Beer: Milichigan


13. Two Brothers Brewing – Warrenville, IL
Brewers: Jeremy Bogan and Brenden McGrathBeer
Pairing: Bitter End Pale Ale
Chef: Tommy Michel
FoodPairing: Tater Tot Smoked Pork and Mushroom PoutineBonus Beer: Revelry

14th Anniversary Chicagoland Brewpub & Microbrewery Shootout Results

How could the area’s greatest beer & food event get any better?

Well, for starters it could be in a larger venue so more people and breweries could attend; then the brewers and the chefs could top almost everything they’ve served for the last 13 years.  Amazingly, for the 14th edition of the Chicagoland Brewpub & Microbrewery Shootout, that’s exactly what happened!

The Zhou B Art Center in Bridgeport provided much greater room for breweries and patrons alike. There was more seating and it was definitely a lot easier to move around. Attendance was at an all-time high, and there’s still room for more people next year.

There were 15 participants, including a few first-timers: Finch’s Beer Company/City Provisions, Limestone Brewing Company, and the Goose Island Fulton Brewery (paired up with Urban Belly). As always, awards were presented in three categories (Best Beer, Best Food, Best Beer/Food Pairing) , with the top three in each taking home an attractive trophy. The attendees cast their ballots and the awards were presented towards the end of the event.

Flossmoor Station, Revolution, and Three Floyds all garnered multiple awards this year, but clearly there were no losers – everything was outstanding, so congratulations, all!

To see what you missed, check out the program (PDF) listing all of the featured beers and pairings.

14th Annual Chicagoland Brewpub Shootout Awards:

1. Goose Island Beer Company (Fulton Street)
2. Revolution Brewing Company
3. Three Floyds Brewing Company

1. Flossmoor Station Restaurant & Brewery
2. Three Floyds Brewing Company
3. The Lucky Monk Burger, Pizza, and Beer Company

1. Revolution Brewing Company
2. Flossmoor Station Restaurant & Brewery
3. Three Floyds Brewing Company

As always, this was an unbelievable event. Thanks to all of the Brewpubs, Brewers, Chefs and their Assistants for making this possible; to the staff at the Zhou B for their assistance;  to our sizable crew of volunteers who assisted with set-up and break-down; and, of course, to our great members who continue to make the Shootout one of the best beer events in the world.